Thursday, September 21, 2006

Four Years

Our fourth anniversary was last week. How time has flown! On Thursday evening, Dan and I went out to the Cheesecake Factory in Palo Alto and had a wonderful dinner and dessert. Russell stayed at our friends' house, Anne and Jeff. They are expecting their first baby in November:-)
On Sunday afternoon, we drove up to Nice, CA, and stayed at our friends' timeshare- part of the WorldMark company. We liked the pool and we took nice walks along the lake. We stayed for two nights and came home on Tuesday.

The WorldMark in Nice, CA (on Clear Lake- which wasn't so clear afterall).

Precious times.

Our Gerber baby.

Father and son... (or also known as Big Dan and Little Dan).

What more could a little boy want?

The little rebel!

Maybe next time we could visit a winery:-)

Monday, September 11, 2006

This past weekend, Russell and I went to Portland for lovely Laura's bridal shower. She is getting married at the end of October. Alysun and I hosted the shower on Saturday afternoon and we later went to Red Robin's for dinner- courtesy of Bonnie Ruth (Laura's mom). Russell was thrilled with the helium balloon on his high-chair at the restaurant. On Sunday morning, before our flight home, Laura took us to the Farmer's Market in downtown Portland. There were many fresh flowers and fruit and veggies- too bad I couldn't bring some home with us! We did take a bag of apples, and a bag of grapes, though- thanks once again to the Peter family:-)

Alysun and the spread we prepared. The chocolate cake was so rich and creamy and almost sinful... the bundt cake was lemony and with the fruit and tea, it made for a nice afternoon:-)

Hangin' out at the bridal shower on Saturday. He did so well.

110% Mr. Personality!