Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Yesterday, Dan had to work, but Russell and I were invited to join a family from church and their guests for a Thanksgiving meal. It was a wonderful meal and the fellowship was just as filling. Russell had a nap after lunch and I was so proud of him and his behavior:-) He played nicely with his cars and kept telling the sleeping dog, "Shhh... Nigh, Nigh."

Today was the first day of Dan's days off so I took full advantage of the childcare and for the first time, was at Target at 6:20am. Dan even said, "I should take a picture of this." (Spoken by a man whose wife makes his lunch at 5:30am in a 'silent fog'.)

It was 37F and the car registered 'ICY' in the temperature gauge. As I headed to the electronics section in Target, the dim got louder and the crowd got larger. Thankfully, the items I wanted were (for some reason) stored at the customer service desk at the front of the store so I left and purchased the items away from the crowd. The three items I wanted were still in stock (but were gone by 7am). I bought the items and finished shopping for other items. So that was that!

Dan turned on the furnace this afternoon and so begins the increased winter energy bills. The front room warms up nicely with the morning sun but the back bedrooms get cold, Russell's room especially. He has a little oil furnace but it drains electricity. I was thinking about the 'olden days' of Laura Ingalls and the tales of ice in their wash basins. I know we have a lot to be thankful for!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Dose of Reality

To me, the official start of Christmas shopping has begun. I refuse to do any shopping before Remembrance Day out of honor for the past and current troops. I like the emphasis Canadians have on November 11th, with the wearing of the red poppy and the cenotaphs that are decorated every year. I’m not sure if it is just the location we are living in or the fact that Dan is no longer in the military, but the focus isn’t as clear here. Perhaps, too, it is the changing of the times, as commercialism gets more aggressive each year. As one man said, “America isn’t at war. The Marines are at war. Americans are at the mall.” I know our grandparents went through so much more with war rations, food stamps, and other sacrifices. Many thanks to them.

The VA hospital in Palo Alto is the headquarters for severe trauma in the Pacific region. One man at our church has stepped up to head a ministry to the soldiers coming home from Iraq. The hospital welcomes baked goods and other practical ways of encouragement to the troops (i.e. Bibles, sport-event tickets, phone cards) and also articles to be sent oversees (Bibles, toiletry items, basic socks/underwear, phone cards, etc.). I have never been down to the hospital but I think it would be good to go. I need a dose of reality. To be honest, I don’t even watch the nightly news reports because it gets ‘old.’ How is that for patriotism?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Quiet Saturday

Well, Dan is working today. It is raining. And we have nothing to do. I could almost be bored but there are always dishes to wash, things to put away, or as Russell has decided, toys to organize. I hope he keeps his room this orderly in the future!