Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Our little boy is definitely a California boy- in this picture, he is reinacting the daily pile-up on the 101 interstate. He loves when we drive the 101- he yells at a steady pitch but his voice vibrates at we navigate the potholes and bumps along the way;=) (The 280 is way too smooth for his liking)

The week of extreme heat is here! It has been mid-high 90's during the past few days and we are all feeling it. We are blessed to live near the coast where the cool ocean breezes start after 7/8 pm.

We're taking off for Windsor tomorrow (Friday) for the long weekend. We are mooching (I mean, 'staying') with our friends who have a TrendWest timeshare there. It is a 90 minute drive from our house. We are all looking forward to using the pool!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Once we returned home last week from our trip, we checked our mail, and we found a note from our landlords requesting a new lease. The last lease we signed here was from Oct. 1/05-Oct. 1/06 so it has almost been a year without one. The current lease will run from Oct '07-Oct '08.

Dan and I talked it over (of course) and we feel content to commit to another year here. We've visited Colorado, Arizona, and B.C./the NW this year and each time we come home we ask ourselves if we feel led to any of those places. At this point in our lives, we feel not. To those who know how much I love San Diego, when we talked about leaving our home there, we both felt led by God to move- and I still cried all the way from SD to San Francisco. We are trying to trust God and to move when He directs us. After all, it would make sense to move from the only area in the States where real-estate is still increasing in value and not dropping.

Thanks to all who daily uphold us in thought and prayer. We appreciate it greatly.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lisa (1979-2007)

ADAM, Lisa Marie June 7, 1979 August 16, 2007 Lisa, our beloved daughter, sister, and friend entered the presence of her Lord Jesus Christ. She was only 28 years old. She will be greatly missed and tenderly remembered by her parents Hal and Marie Adam, her sisters Sonya and Michelle (Tim) Harris.
She was a graduate of Duncan Christian School and earned her CGA (Canadian General Accounting). Her last job was with KPMG Accounting in Victoria. Lisa was a gentle, kind, and compassionate person with a heart for the poor and downtrodden. She gladly bought a meal for street people whenever they were willing to accept her offer. Her motivation to serve others was rooted in her deep faith in Christ. In school, Lisa was an excellent student with a sharp mind, who applied herself diligently and loved to compete with fellow classmates. She is truly loved and will be missed by all.
For further details about Lisa: Everyone is welcome to both services: Saturday, Aug. 25th: Graveside at Ladysmith Cemetery on 4th Ave. & Christie Rd. at 10:30 am. Memorial at Central Baptist Church (833 Pandora Ave., Victoria) at 2:00 pm. Those wishing to make a memorial donation: Mercy Ministries of Canada, 6788 152 St., Surrey, BC, V3S 3L4. 401295
I met Lisa the summer of 1994 at Camp Imadene on Vancouver Island. Lisa was to me, the perfect person. She was slender and beautiful, smart, and very talented with music- especially the piano. I envied her vibrant life and popularity. We were both 15 years old and very impressionable. By 1997, Lisa was hospitalized for her anorexic habits. I couldn't believe it the first time Mom told me. She had even got into UBC when I hadn't. Over the years, I heard of Lisa on and off, and her struggles continued. Five years ago, I asked her to play the piano for our wedding but she later had to decline due to her health.
As a woman, it is so difficult to see the many pictures of 'perfect' women. The pictures are on TV, the Internet, billboards, and every magazine published. Satan continually uses the images to remind us of our imperfections and eventually our body image and self image are blurred into one picture. I wasn't close to Lisa as our lives never crossed for long, but I am deeply saddened to know that this disease stole away her dreams and ultimately, her life here. May she rest in Jesus' arms knowing that she is fully accepted and loved.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Road Trip 2007

We left early on Friday morning for the Northwest. We had packed the car the night before so all we had to do was wake up and go. Our first stop was Williams, CA, and we had breakfast at the McDonald's. Russell likes the fruit & walnut salad (minus the yogurt), and his own container of milk, so he did just fine. We arrived mid-afternoon in Oregon at the Peters' home.

We stayed with the Peters for two days/three nights. After church on Sunday, we went to the beach. Russell got cranky later on due to his missed nap. In theory, he was supposed to sleep in the car, but obviously, there was misunderstood communication on his part!

Russell only claims one stuffed animal, and sharing it is not his idea of fun;-)

After reaching my parents' home later the following week, we attended my 10th high school reunion. It was a lot of fun, but it would have been great to see more faces. Out of a class of about 400, maybe 70-80 were there.

Mom and Dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on the 13th. I made a mistake and bought a second cake and more ice-cream, so we ended up with two cakes and three gallons of ice-cream. Oops.

Russell loved his 'horse' (better known as a little deer) at Grandma Waitt's house. Each time he passed it in the hallway, he'd make his 'neighing' sound. It was good to see Grandma again but it is still hard to know that Grandpa isn't there.

We spent two nights with my aunt and her family in North Vancouver on the way back to the States. Dawn-Marie is six weeks younger than Russell. They both loved blueberries and didn't mind taking more from the other's bowl;-)

The last night before returning home was spent at Dan's uncle and aunt's home in Vancouver, WA. Two of Dan's cousins came over and one brought her two children. Russell loved the playmates and especially loved this 'Rocking Goldfish'. We left Vancouver at 7am the next morning and got back to the Peninsula at 7pm. Russell did his very best at being tied into the carseat for so long and it will be a while before we decide to drive the I-5 again- even we were sore once we got home!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Signing off for a few weeks!

Yup- we're going on a road trip! We're driving to Oregon, Washington, then B.C. We drove the I-5 in April 2006 when Russell was only 3 months old. Now, he is 1 1/2 years old, and much more active;-) We stopped at Trader Joe's today to pick up some healthy snacks like popcorn for the trip.
Thank-you for checking in with us, and we appreciate your prayers for safety on the roads.