Monday, March 16, 2009

Robert the Robber

We love dropping Russell off at his Sunday School class (2.5yrs-3.5yrs). He hugs the teacher, hangs up his coat on the hook, and readily helps the teacher set out books, crayons, etc. He also loves snack time which is comprised of the cherished "Goldfish Crackers" which I've convinced him are only eaten at church so he doesn't ask for them at Target. Poor kid. No harm done;-)

When we pick Russell up from his class an hour or so later, I like to ask the teacher what songs were sung and what Bible story was taught so we can reinforce it later at home. Yesterday, when I went to get Russell, I asked him what Bible story he learned. He told me, "Robert hurt someone. Robert was bad."

Now, to those reading, you may know a kind Robert, but to Russell, Robert is the man that Dan works for. In real life, Dan's boss has nothing short of a bad temper and an irrational personality, so I wondered if Russell was repeating something he overheard at home. Oops. In my moment of confusion, I asked the teacher what the Bible lesson was for the day. She said, "The Good Samaritan." Finally, I understood. When the teacher said, "robber," Russell heard "Robert."

We spent the drive home explaining who a robber was and that Robert doesn't hurt people and take their money. It was a reminder to us that as Russell grows older, he will remember our adult conversations and we'll need to be mindful of "little pitchers with big ears."