Monday, April 30, 2007

A Day at the Beach

Today (Tuesday), our family and Brit went to Half Moon Bay. We stopped for fish n'chips, of course, and Russell did so well at the restaurant. He liked sucking on the lemon wedges- this, being the same child that won't eat vegetables with exception of peas. Go figure!

Russell loved the sand and the unlimited play space he had. He went right up to the water's edge and Dan kept him from going any further.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Week in Review

Russell loves to play on our porch and likes to be outdoors. He was sick this past week but every day is getting back to his regular old self!

My sister Brittany and my high-school friend, Melissa came to visit for a few days. We were limited the first few because Russell was sick and Dan had to sleep during the days since he worked at night. On Tuesday, the weather was PERFECT- and Dan's day off. Us gals hit the city and left the men at home.
A view through the morning haze from the bridge. Even though we've lived here from 2 1/2 years now, going to the city never gets old and we enjoy it more each time (probably because we find better ways to get around the city than driving!)
Officers' Row on the Presidio. I'm not artistic, but I did like the symetry of this view. How we'd love to have a house like one of these!
After seeing the Bridge, we went to Alcatraz. I was surprised to find that even on a random Tuesday morning in the middle of April, hundreds of people were drawn to the island. The tour had even gotten better since we were there two years ago. Brit and I had the honor of meeting one of the ex-prisoners (bank robber) who had written an autobiography and was signing his book in the gift shop. After his time in prison, he became a Christ-follower and was involved with Chuck Colson's Prison Ministries. We asked to shake his hand and thanked him for his service. How wonderful it is to meet another Believer and immediately share the same bond...
The only residents of Alcatraz now!
My beloved California poppy.
Grandpa Waitt used to have these flowers in his garden at home and when I see them, I always think of him. How incredible this plant was to grow out of the stone wall on Alcatraz.
More California beauty...
After Alcatraz, we headed downtown on the electric bus (circa 1950's) and then had lunch. After lunch, we hopped on the Powell-Hyde cable car and went to Lombard St. In this picture, the men are turning the car around at the end of the street.
The view from the top of Lombard...

Brit and Mel and the infamous street. But, those that walk down must also walk back up!

Monday, April 16, 2007

It is fun to look at our 'prayer board' in the kitchen and note the pregnant couples listed:

Alysun/Jeff- #2 due September 12
Julie/Mike- #1 due October 4
Natasha/Scott- #2 due October 29
Gretchen/Steve- #2 due October 31

Each of these couples have godly, Christ-centered marriages, for which a child could not be more blessed by. Congrats to all these friends!

Later this week, my high-school friend Melissa, and my sister Brittany will be coming for a visit. We'll leave Russell with Dan for one day so we can see SF without too much delay.

In a few weeks, Dan and Russell and I will be heading to Washington D.C. for our own family vacation. Of course, Russell will never remember the trip, but what are photos for? We're dreading the flight (4hrs to Houston, 4hrs to D.C.) but oh well. You can't stay home all the time. Besides, if Alysun and Jeff can take Emma to Mozambique, we can do this!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This past weekend, I decided to finally do some scrapbooking. Summer is coming and I still hadn't working on last summer's pictures. "Don't touch" was our moto for the weekend and Russell did quite well with a few exceptions;-)

Russell's new trick is dislodging the couch cushion and climbing up onto the couch. He loves his red sofa. We already told him he could take it with him to college/university someday:=)

He really is the king of the castle!