Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just some thoughts

It's mid-September, the 23rd, today. Thirty-five weeks of baby growing done, thirty-five days to go until the golden 40-week mark. Russell was a little early (2 weeks) so I'm hoping for a repeat with this little one. A friend has offered to take care of Russell while we're in the hospital, for that I'm so grateful. Russell keeps putting stuffed animals down his shirt and calling them his 'babies.'

I'm enjoying seeing the faux fall foliage in the store fronts and Russell gets excited when he sees pumpkins because we've told him that pumpkins mean the baby will be born soon. I'd love to do some fall baking of spice breads and pies but when it is 85F-90F outdoors, it kinda kills the romance of it. I've ripped out pages of the recent Pottery Barn magazine because next October I'd love to host a Harvest Party with all the trimmings.

For many reasons, the verse posted on our blog has become overly relevant this past month. "Rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that weep." Romans 12:16. We've celebrated the birth of several baby births and still anticipate more celebrations as other babies come due. We anticipate our own miracle. Yet, around us, life has not been so sweet. A dear friend's father died last week, unexpectedly. Another friend's husband was laid off from work within weeks of their expecting child #2 (thankfully, he was compensated). An acquaintance from high-school has been fighting cancer for the last two years and was just given a 'terminal' diagnosis.

Over the past few years, we've shed many tears. At those times, friends and the Church body have rallied around us to petition in prayer and love. Now, some of those that rallied with us have a serious need of intercessory prayer and support. Like Christ emphasized, we were expected to live in community and not to live isolated lives. It's easy to float alone when times are easy but when the sky seems to shatter in, we can not survive in isolation.

As time moves forward even when we feel like crawling under a rock, we have to believe that God is in control. I've learned that I don't have to understand God, I just have to believe in Him. For those of us who are in a season of joy, remember those that are in their season of weeping. For those who weep, there will be a seaon of joy. Thank God that He is in control and no one else is.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Anniversary #7

Seven years ago we were married in Point Roberts, Washington. The weather was perfect and the day was sweet. Here's to many more years together through the thick and thin!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sister's visit in town

My sister, Candice, came to visit this past week. I couldn't be much of a host since the awkward stage of pregnancy has hit like a ton of bricks but we still had a nice time. Last time she was in town (3 years ago), we visited all the tourist sites so I think she was okay with not having to visit the same sites again.

On Labor Day Monday, we spent the day at the beach and had a picnic lunch, complete with a stop at McD's on the way home for cones:-)

Although Ghiradelli Square is downtown SF, it now only hosts a shop and dessert bar- and many, many tourists. The chocolate is now made in San Leandro so we visited the factory store and found some great deals (and some, not so great). Yum, yum! My favorite are the 60% cacao chips.

We also visited Stanford for a short time. It's difficult to pack in a full day when stores don't open until 9:30am or 10am and then we have to be home by 12:30/1pm or Russell will crash and burn with his appetite and nap schedule. I guess at this age, I'm just glad he still takes a nap!
Thanks for coming to visit, Candice! I know it's not easy putting up with a toy filled house and a noisy 3yr old nephew and a pregnant, tired sister. Have a fun time in Edmonton visiting Andrea!! Too bad we all live so far apart.