Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Waiting for Spring

Well, as it happens, life in February has turned into life in March. Whew. To say we survived February is a triumphant statement. We signed on the final paperwork on the house on January 28th (we did tell Russell we'd buy him a house for his 5th birthday) and we had the ceiling refinished (popcorn/spackle removed) and the following week we had the ventilation system cleaned out. That took us until mid-February.

We had started packing with the "big" move date of February 21st in mind. The rains about drowned us in February (the Bay area has officially reached it's quota of rainfall for the year!) but the 21st was bright and sunny and the perfect day for Dan and four friends to pack/unpack the UHaul. The following week, I drove between the almost-empty condo and the house with the two kids, trying to clean both. Camille then came down with a cold that promptly turned into an ear-infection and poorly slept nights. We welcomed the month of March with wide open arms.

My friend April came to stay with us for five days and it was a blast to have an excuse to leave the house and get out and about. Our visit to Santa Cruz was well worth it and a little child-free shopping on the weekend, courtesy of Dan, gave us a little girl time. She blessed us with a night of childcare so we could go out on a date (!!) to see True Grit and have dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. Thank-you, Groupon, for saving us many $$$!!

We want to do a lot of work on the house in the coming months and years. Redoing the master bath and the kitchen are a must. Paint all walls as well, and eventually, redo all the closet spaces in each bedroom- they're crudely done at best. We'll also replace the current 'sun room'- a screened-in room- with a more modern space. For now, Dan continues to work on small (cheap) projects such as cleaning up the old wiring in the attic space and undoing any "handyman" work that the previous owner tried to do. A little HGTV would sure have helped that poor fellow.

Anyway, we are currently two weeks from spring and it can't come soon enough. I eagerly await the longer, drier, and warmer days. Summer, you are just about here!