Monday, November 28, 2005

Smart kitty- sun and relaxation... we have a lot in common. (The cat is our neighbor's)

Week #29- only 11 more weeks to go!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Our friends, Ted and Michelle. It was Ted's 30th birthday so Michelle decided to throw him a surprise "1980's" party. Believe it or not, Michelle got her lovely jumpsuit for only $1.29- talked down from $4 since there was a slight tear behind the knee. What a bargin;-) (The bottle Ted is holding is empty and only for effect). Dan couldn't go since he had to work until 10pm but I did take home a package of Pop-Rocks to him. Michelle had "The Breakfast Club" playing on the TV in the background for those good memories... a good time had by all! Posted by Picasa

My outfit for the night: pegged jeans, slouch socks, arm bracelets, blue eye shadow, and an off-set pony tail. Posted by Picasa

Our friends Mike and Julie... Julie's dress was her junior-high prom dress- although a little tight, it still fit! Her parents still had it in a closet at their home. To top off the outfit, she is also wearing black and bright blue tap shoes. (Mike came as his self). Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Staying connected

We just wanted to write something new on our page since we don't have any new pictures to post:-) With thanksgiving, all is well here. Dan is doing fine in his new job and loves the short drive to work. Since we are closer to the hills, he has to watch out for deer in the mornings that tend to wander the 280 freeway- not the smartest deer, I suppose. His schedule has worked out okay so far... we spent Tuesday in SF at the deYoung museum. It was a 'free' day since it was just remoldeled. We didn't know that it was free but at least a few thousand people did know and we met them all at the front door! The fog rolled in early (1:30pm) that day, so we left early since we didn't have our coats.

Yesterday, I went 'shopping' at the local goodwill and bought a bag full of baby items for only $10. The clothes are next-to-brand-new and I'll check back in another month or two. We love Craigslist and check it regularily to get some good deals on baby items. Most people here only have one child, or two at most, due to the cost of living and busy lifestyles, so a lot of the stuff posted is almost brand-new. Yeah! I figure if we save on the small items, we can justify spending more on the 'big' items.

Dan's parents are coming for a few days before Christmas. We are excited to be establishing our own traditions for the first time. The last few Christmases we've been in L.A. or in Victoria/ Cobble Hill. Dan has to work Christmas day but has the 27/28th off. We can't believe we've been living here for a year already. After spending 4 months in a hotel suite and 6 months in a unlikeable house, I think we've finally settled into a 'home' we like.

Well, that's all for now,
Dan and Hillary