Saturday, December 29, 2012

Glimaces of Christmas

Christmas has come and gone once again. It's two days away from a new year and my boys' January birthdays. We stayed local this year in light of our upcoming travels in March to B.C. for my sister's wedding. Thanks to Amazon, I didn't have to stand in any lines, and the non-discript brown 'smiley' boxes that arrived didn't peak much curiosity with the children. Here's a few pictures from our big day...

 Our resident handy-man and tool-guy...

 "What? I'm not supposed to be behind the gate? It's Camille's fault!"

Big Buzz Lightyear and Little Buzz Lightyear. No explanations needed.

This really was a good Christmas for our family. Earlier in the month I hosted my second annual cookie-exchange with twelve other moms from Russell's elementary school. The simple act of hospitality really opens up the doors (literally!) for friendship, as it is so rare nowadays to be invited into somebody's home- and to be served a hot cup of coffee and a fresh cinnamon roll. Never underestimate the impact of these acts.

Since the school children were still in school during the cookie-exchange, two of the moms asked if I would share the Nativity story with their children, so the following week we hosted an after-school "Nativity Party" complete with snacks, story, and simple craft. I was amazed at the thirst the children had for a story that was true and not just another fantasy story. 

Finally, the thrill of our season was the answered prayer that we prayed daily for the month of December- that one of our friend-families would attend the Christmas Eve service with us. And. They. Did. A year ago, I was given a polite but clear "no thank-you..." This year, an excited "yes!" This family has burdened our hearts and it has been so amazing to see God stir their souls and cause them to question what faith is and why we believe what we believe.

A final sign-off for the year of 2012! May 2013 be a year of renewed blessings for us all.