Monday, June 29, 2009

Signs of Nesting...

- passing along some of Russell's outgrown baby/ toddler clothing to make room for Baby Girl's clothing

- giving Dan the evil-eye any time he mentions moving, even if he is thinking 2-5 years in the future

- trying to figure out how to fit both Russell's twin bed and a crib in the second bedroom... we'll be (hopefully) getting rid of our bedroom set (it attracts dust so badly, anyway), and moving the sofa chair into our room. Ta Da!

- we ordered a brand-new jogging stroller! I looked at the gold-standard, the Bob Revolution, and I just didn't like the short torso space between kiddo's seat and the sun-shade. I found a Baby Jogger online for the price I wanted and the style I wanted (discount because it was the '07/'08 model year). We donated Russell's well-used stroller a little while ago so my conscious is clear with this purchase;-)

- rereading the birthing packet we got from Russell's birth class in '05. I looked at the hospital's birthing classes, and the next one open is November/December. Oh well. In the middle of it all, you forget everything anyway;-)

- reading and rereading the baby name book. We're still convinced we should let the girl name herself...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

20wk & 22wk belly photos

I took a few pictures when I was pregnant with Russell, and although I weigh a little less this time, my belly is bigger at the same gestational week-marks. When I finished work at the end of 5 months gestation with Russell, no-one could tell I was pregnant and I wasn't wearing pregnancy shirt. Definitely different this time.
These pictures are from this pregnancy...

20 week belly photo

22 week belly photoPosted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Morning at Coyote Point

Yesterday morning, we met up with two other gals and their children. We visited the Coyote Point Museum. Russell loved the hands-on wind tunnel, complete with foam discs. Once it was time to see the animals (snakes, otter, birds), he lost interest in the playdate and wanted to go back to play with the foam discs. I think we'll take him to the Discovery Muesum in San Jose... it sounds a lot more like his interest level. At least I won't have to waste money on a zoo membership!

On the baby side of things, we're at 22wks, and my appointment this morning was uneventful and reassuring. Baby Girl continues to kick my upper abdomen and sometimes I can feel her arm movements in my lower abdomen. With exception to my continual hunger, I feel great. I keep from lifting too much or vacuuming too long or else I get uncomfortable but other than that, all is well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eye on the Prize

I never did well in Physical Education. The best I ever did in my younger years was an 'S' for satisfactory effort, and in later years, a C+, which was more for attendance than anything. I opted out of P.E. in grades 11 & 12 because the last thing I wanted to happen was to be tested with a 'fat' gauge to measure change in physical inches between Day 1 and the end of the year. Couldn't they guess what that would do to a teenage girl's self-esteem? Anyways, the goal for me all those years was June- and the end of PE for another two months.

During this pregnancy, I've kept my eyes on intermediate goals such as 1) strong beta hcg numbers, 2) 6 weeks, when the heartbeat is seen, 3) 9 weeks, the latest gestation date of our miscarriages, 4) 10 weeks, the promotion from RE's office to regular OB, 5) 13 weeks, the beginning of trimester #2. Last week, it was our 20wk milestone of half-way, and the anatomy ultrasound.

It continues to be surreal to be pregnant again and to feel Baby Girl's kicks and tumbling. It is difficult to wait four weeks in between appointments because I'd like someone 'official' reassure me everything is okay but in the meantime, my prayer life and dependency on God's provision carries me day-to-day.

In the past years since having Russell, I've sometimes wandered over to the girls' side of clothing stores but haven't lingered too long unless I'm buying for a friend's daughter. The girls' clothing was just so super-cute, it was hard not to at least look. Last weekend, I needed to drop a few items off at our Thrift Store and so I took the liberty of going inside and checking out the girls' isles. I don't plan on buying too much 0-12 month clothing because Dan's cousin's wife is setting a few bags aside since they have three daughters, but I still just wanted to look for random items that usually aren't given as gifts (coats, shoes, hats).

I was so pleased to find the following winter coat:

The picture doesn't do it justice, but for now, this coat symbolizes my 'eye on the prize' and hope. It will do Baby Girl for next winter (12-18 months) if we spend Christmas up in B.C. And for $1.99, who could pass it up?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A few more details...

I didn't write much yesterday because I was typing in between phone-calls to family, but to answer some questions:

- the ultrasound was scheduled for a one-hour time slot because in order for the doctors to confirm that everything (and I mean everything) is healthy, the technician measures every detail from tip to toe; diameter/ circumference of head, size of brain lobes, the three 'ropes' of the umbilical cord, detailed chambers of the heart (incredible to see all four!), liver, stomach, kidneys, length of arm bones and leg bones, size of feet. Like I said, everything. It didn't help that I drank 16oz of Gatorade water (Propel) before I went to the appointment. It took the technician 20 minutes to measure the head and get what she wanted since Baby Girl wouldn't stop moving.

- all along, Russell's said he's having a baby sister named Lucy (like his pal Jack has). So when I told him yesterday we were having a baby sister, he said, "yes, Mommy. I know." Dan couldn't come to the appointment with me because he was overly swamped at work so I called him with the news afterwards. I think we're both still shell-shocked. The names we (okay, I) picked out were all boys' names. After looking at the girl-end of the Name Book last night, we both agreed to let the child name herself once she got old enough. Seriously, is "Calypso" really a girl's name???

- as far as sleeping arrangements are concerned, we'll have both kids in the same room after three months (or so we hope). The nursery/ room decor I picked for Russell has neutral based tones with African animals on it, so that won't be a problem. (And, yes, Jenn, I'll be hanging up my Raggedy Ann framed cross-stitch!) Since we're renting, our walls continue to be a lovely egg-shell white, and will stay that way. I don't have an artistic bone in my body but even I would paint a wall if I could...

Thank-you for your continued prayers for healthy development and delivery of Baby Girl. The appointment yesterday was only to check on the baby's growth and not to check on the uterine muscle. At this point in pregnancy, every woman's uterine muscle is thinning so they don't measure that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

20 week ultrasound

The ultrasound went smoothly today:-) After about an hour, the technician said, "let's find out the gender." She wove the wand over to the baby's pelvis area and I said, "there's nothing there!" She replied...

"That's because it's a GIRL."

Gymboree, here I come...

Monday, June 08, 2009


My youngest sister Andrea (19) and her boyfriend Kris (20) make a great couple. She's spending the summer up in Edmonton instead of coming back to Vancouver Island since there are more jobs available in the city and transit is easier (no car insurance, gas, etc.). Kris is the second of four boys and Andrea, the youngest of four girls and an older brother. Kris was cute and took her shopping for a dress for their first year dating-anniversary. I don't know if he'll ever go shopping with a woman again, but both seemed happy with the dress she chose!

I love ya, sis! I still remember the day you were born!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pink or Blue?

Seven days 'til we find out! I'm praying the baby's legs aren't crossed in utero so we can find out the gender:-) We haven't even started thinking or talking about names but we'll have something picked out by the time the baby is born.

We asked Russell what toys the baby can play with once it is born. He said, "My old cars. And my Elmo car. I'll play with my new cars from Target." I guess a child only says what an adult only thinks! We'll work on sharing in the years to come.

PS- vote on the sidebar for gender!

Monday, June 01, 2009

My Helper

Since the maid quit (ha- ya, I wish!) and I don't always have the energy to actually do the housework, Russell's desire to help out has become, well, helpful:-) He loves the laundry, especially. I turn on the water and he fills up the washer. Later, when the dryer is finished, he is the one to pull everything out and pile it on the couch to be sorted- it saves my back a few extra bends:-)

He is also helpful taking plates off the table and on occasion, setting out the silverware as well.

As Russell grows older, his strong will becomes apparent, and we dislike having to discipline him, so I love the time we spend together when all is calm and sweet- and helpful. Someday, his wife will thank us;-)

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