Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas in a local way

This year has been a lot of firsts for us- and a lot of change. Moving thirty miles south shouldn't seem like a semi-earthquake to our lives but in reality, it's definitely been a 7.0. Change is not easy and for some, it's just the hardest thing to endure. It's been a difficult year adjusting to the distance of longtime friends and the ending of potential friendships. So, to say that we get to stay home this year and just do nothing for Christmas is really quite fine:-) We'll celebrate in a local way, and as Dan says, make our own memories to savour upon in the coming years.

Tradition #1- Russell's school 'holiday' sing along (shame- no 'Christmas'... it's a public school...). He's near the front left in his black puffer coat. Do you see him? No worries, I didn't either until the end.

"Mom, I wanted you to come and be here... Not to take pictures..."
Ha. Guess who got a picture after all!

Then today, we hosted our 'first annual' cookie exchange with several of the moms/children from Russell's K class. Seven 5/6-year old boys + younger siblings= craziness and a wonderful time!

... and Little Sis, who just seems on some days to be older than she really is. I love these children.

Blessings to you and whether you spend time travelling or staying home, may it be a time of fellowship with those around you.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Party All Night Long! (well, at least 'til 8pm)

On Saturday night, we attended our first block Christmas party- complete with many appetizers, drinks, a full dinner, desserts, and some nice conversation... Our party on Sunday night was a little bit different. With eight adults and seven children (Russell being the oldest), we took it a little easier. The four couples (minus one couple who couldn't come) were our original Bible study/care group back B.C. (before children). Everyone seemed to have a great time and since it was pot-luck style, it was easy to host!!

**Russell was in his non-photographic mood**