Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Three Months Old

Happy three months to our "Little Bear."  He likes to lay in the bouncy seat and just ramble/talk to himself. He lights up like a lightbulb when either Camille or Russell come to entertain him, and he kicks his feet like he imagines himself running around after Big Bro and Sis. He's a happy little fellow when he decides that all is well and life is good!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Photo Drop

Before another month passes, I wanted to offload a few pictures. Above are my boys... Russell in March '06 and Elliott in March '12. I can see their facial differences starting to develop but they still both have the chunky cheeks! (Yes, the same batch of washclothes, six years later. Money well spent;-)

 The morning sun in the living room seems the best to capture the true colors of the kids...

 And a quick moment on my bed where no-one was getting smooshed...

 ... and the smooshing begins.

This school year has flown past. Russell has two months left of kindergartan and then summer break begins. We'll continue his swim lessons throughout the summer and we hope to drive north to B.C. in June, but otherwise, a quiet summer. This summer will be more fun for the children as they now have friends in the neighbourhood in addition to friends on the Peninsula. One mom and I are planning on kid-swapping each week to give the other mom a morning to herself.

Hope to post more next week with the Easter pix!