Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Week #23! (Sorry, I couldn't deactivate the flash.) Beanie kicks a lot and now Dan can feel the 'bumping' as well:-)

October 14th weekend, Phil (one of Dan's groomsmen) and Katie, his lovely wife, came for a visit from Chicago. They will be moving back to England in December and it was great to see them before they left. We spent Saturday in Monteray and it was warm although slightly windy.

Phil, pondering life...

Monteray Beach, October 14th weekend

Friday, October 14, 2005

Andrea and our beloved Grandpa Waitt. My grandparents are aging but their spirits remain sharp as ever.

Thanksgiving 2005 in Victoria. We celebrated on Saturday and my brother came over from Vancouver. The four of us are continuing our old ritual of picking apart the Sears Christmas catalogue to see the latest and greatest gizmos!

Our small but efficient kitchen. In the back is the washer and dryer.

The dining room area- plus cardboard from the futon packaging

The patio looking east- we love the morning sun:-)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good morning;
We'll post some new pictures tonight after Dan shows me (once again) how to connect the camera to the computer. The last thing I want to do is wreck the camera! We are doing well here, living life one day at a time:-) The baby is growing healthy and is about 10 inches in length. Last week, we also found out that my aunt Annette (my mom's sister) is pregnant after a couple miscarriages. She is 41yrs old and her baby is due one month after ours. We are so excited! The baby will be my cousin- my grandmother will have a first great-grandchild and a new grandchild in the same month! Interesting how generations overlap.

Our friends, Katie and Phil Anderson, are visiting this weekend from Chicago. We'll post a picture of them next week. They were married in England last summer. They are moving back to England in December.

Have a blessed day!