Monday, November 28, 2005

Week #29- only 11 more weeks to go!


melissa said...

hey chicky. you still look so slim. good for you. do you do exercises or eat differently?? Have you decorated the baby's room yet?? what colors did u use?
take care.

Dan & Hillary and baby Russell said...

Hi, Mel;
Thank-you for the nice compliment. I'm trying to watch my sugar intake since the baby gets it as well, and I figure a slender baby might be a little easier to deliver than a heavier baby (like I was;-) I've been going to the gym and doing the treadmill just to get some exercise now that winter has arrived. Since we are renting, we can't paint the rooms at all.. I've chosen a yellow-based African theme from Target's crib linens.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Hillary! You look so good! I hope I look that slim when I get married and then pregnant =) We know that both are the main cause for weight gain..just kidding. I can't wait til the little one is born!
Love, April