Friday, March 31, 2006

Two Months Old

Today we went to the peditrician for Russell's two-month-old check-up. He is 12 lbs/9 ozs, and is 22 3/4 inches long (he's grown 3 inches and over 5 lbs). Russell is very alert and holds his head up quite nicely and does well on his three hour sleep/feed/awake schedule- except for early evening when he gets a little fussy, but who isn't tired by this time of the day?

Russell also likes listening to his music- a jamming lullaby CD and Psalty's Praise Music for Lil' Praisers, and my singing (well, he doesn't complain!). We were given a nice swing for Russell as well, and he swings in it while I make cookies or any other Mom-kinda-things.

There has been a boy-baby boom at our church... eight boys born so far this year. I think Russell was number three. It is neat to see the other boys and talk with the other moms and dads. Incidentally, the four pregnant gals at church are all having girls (summer babies) so we will have to put Russell's name in early for an arranged marriage;-)

Thank-you to everyone who has been so kind to send or drop-off gifts... all clothing is/will be used and once Russell's a little older, so will the plush toys.

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