Thursday, February 15, 2007

No News is Good News:-)

We don't have any new pictures to post since life has been quiet around here recently.

Russell 'walks' behind his toys but still leans on them for support. He also does quite well when he holds onto our fingers and walks around the house. He has become a picky eater but hopefully that will change as well as he grows older and can chew better. He still has two naps a day.

Dan keeps busy at work. He enjoys the short commute to work and we are thankful for that. It is a true blessing that I can stay home and Dan can support us. He meets occasionally with a couple other men for a care group and enjoys the guy-time with them. Russell and I always enjoy Dan's days off. I take advantage of the opportunity to get numerous errands done while the boys bond:-) We try and do something fun on his weeks off- like next week, meeting up with the Peters family.

Anyway, thought we'd post something...

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