Monday, April 16, 2007

It is fun to look at our 'prayer board' in the kitchen and note the pregnant couples listed:

Alysun/Jeff- #2 due September 12
Julie/Mike- #1 due October 4
Natasha/Scott- #2 due October 29
Gretchen/Steve- #2 due October 31

Each of these couples have godly, Christ-centered marriages, for which a child could not be more blessed by. Congrats to all these friends!

Later this week, my high-school friend Melissa, and my sister Brittany will be coming for a visit. We'll leave Russell with Dan for one day so we can see SF without too much delay.

In a few weeks, Dan and Russell and I will be heading to Washington D.C. for our own family vacation. Of course, Russell will never remember the trip, but what are photos for? We're dreading the flight (4hrs to Houston, 4hrs to D.C.) but oh well. You can't stay home all the time. Besides, if Alysun and Jeff can take Emma to Mozambique, we can do this!!

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