Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day in Lodi

We celebrated the day with Dan's cousins, John and Steve, and their wives, Maria and Gretchen. Second cousins to Russell are, Timothy (3 1/2 years), Joanie (2 1/2 years), and baby Julia (8 months). Gretchen is expecting #2 in October and it will be wonderful to see this little group grow once more!
We had burgers and hotdogs and salads for lunch and had cookies and rhubarb crisp later in the day- served with ice cream, of course! The kids played in the little pool and had fun in the water.

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Laura said...

...unless you are Alysun, and you would refer to Russell's cousins as 1st coustins once removed. It's it funny the non-important stuff our brains retain? Why can't I remember wavelengths of laser pulses? I have to look that up every week!