Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life Lately

As you can tell from my lack of blogging, it has been quiet (well, not literally, as Russell can get quite loud). We've been watching the footage from the SoCal wildfires and we were remembering the fires of 2003. Dan was deployed at the time and my friend Laura had just left visiting me in San Diego. I remember the freeways being empty, stores closed, and the smoke that permeated every house- even with the doors and windows shut. I suppose these fires have been routine for hundreds of years but with the millions of homes now infringing on the wildernesses, it is now a fight against nature.

Dan has been called for jury duty. Depending on whether or not he can prove financial hardship (he has to report back on Monday), he may have to serve. He said the accused doesn't even speak English and the guy would most likely spend the rest of his life in prison if he was lucky. We were talking about it last night... what sets apart a judge and the accused? In some minute way, the scenario mimics our relationship to God. The vastness between us is too immense to fathom.

Next week is Halloween and we've been invited to a party on Saturday night. So, now we have to find/make costumes. I found a giraffe costume at the GoodWill for Russell but nothing for us so far. I wish I was more creative. It would be fun to go with 'coupled' costumes. I love parties and although we don't like the World's take on Halloween, costumes and kids and candy go hand-in-hand.

For now...

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April said...

I've missed talking to you =( I hope you all are doing well. That party sounds fun! I will try calling either today or tomorrow. =)