Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Yesterday, Dan had to work, but Russell and I were invited to join a family from church and their guests for a Thanksgiving meal. It was a wonderful meal and the fellowship was just as filling. Russell had a nap after lunch and I was so proud of him and his behavior:-) He played nicely with his cars and kept telling the sleeping dog, "Shhh... Nigh, Nigh."

Today was the first day of Dan's days off so I took full advantage of the childcare and for the first time, was at Target at 6:20am. Dan even said, "I should take a picture of this." (Spoken by a man whose wife makes his lunch at 5:30am in a 'silent fog'.)

It was 37F and the car registered 'ICY' in the temperature gauge. As I headed to the electronics section in Target, the dim got louder and the crowd got larger. Thankfully, the items I wanted were (for some reason) stored at the customer service desk at the front of the store so I left and purchased the items away from the crowd. The three items I wanted were still in stock (but were gone by 7am). I bought the items and finished shopping for other items. So that was that!

Dan turned on the furnace this afternoon and so begins the increased winter energy bills. The front room warms up nicely with the morning sun but the back bedrooms get cold, Russell's room especially. He has a little oil furnace but it drains electricity. I was thinking about the 'olden days' of Laura Ingalls and the tales of ice in their wash basins. I know we have a lot to be thankful for!!


Alysun said...

My mom and I were at Target also. We got there as the door opened and we joined the stampeed. Somone actually ran over my foot with their cart. Peoplea are insane on day-after-thanksgiving shopping.

melissa said...

Hi Hill.

I updated my blog...check it out!