Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week 38 and counting

According to the doctor's exam this morning, Baby Girl has no intention of coming any time soon. A little discouraged? Yes. With Russell, my body had prepped itself for two weeks before I went into spontaneous labor. This time? With only two weeks left before the official due date, I'm guessing this one will want to be overdue. I don't know if I can handle another full two weeks. I'm already getting short and impatient with Russell and some moments of the day I can barely walk because my pelvis hurts so much. Ugh. I haven't complained much during this pregnancy but I feel like I can (a little) right now.

In other news, we all continue to be healthy, yeah! Russell's gotten used to washing his hands immediately when we come home from shopping, etc. Nice not to have to fight him on that one. We had 2-3" of rain yesterday from the storm left over from Japan. It's 72F today so everything is drying out quickly. Russell was excited to use our umbrella- you can tell he's a Cali kid;-)


Shelli said...

I can't believe you are nearly at the end! Good luck as you wait out the final days.

C. Beth said...

Don't be too discouraged. I was more dilated with A (in advance) but was induced at 40 weeks. With E, I was dilated less in advance but went into labor at 39w1d. So the dilation, etc. at this point isn't very predictive.

I'll pray!!

april said...

I hope for your sake, she comes on her appointed date. I can't for her to come! Woo-hoo! Here is a virtual hug for my friend *HUG*


Photogrl said...

You're SO close!

I think you've earned the right to complain a little ;)

Can't wait to see her!

Tracy said...

I didn't have any "change" with my second child until the day I went into labor. I was not dialated at all. went in for my regular appointment, only dialated to 2. I was so discouraged! but, I went into labor that night! It can happen any time!

(and just for a point of contrast, I was walking around 5cm dialated with my first for weeks!)

Cass said...

I'm getting so excited for you!!