Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in review

Christmas was a weeklong event this year:-) We opened presents early on Sunday the 20th since the next day we were travelling to Colorado and didn't want to take the gifts with us. Dan's enjoying his new iPod Touch and I love my accompaning radio/docking station. Russell was given a new Bible and board games.

The next day we flew to Colorado, rented a car, and drove to our friends' house. They moved from the Bay area in August and we've missed them dearly ever since. They graciously hosted us for two nights. It was so wonderful to see the kids together again and to just relax in their home:-)

Wednesday morning greeted us with six inches of light, powdery snow. Very unlike the snow in B.C. that I am so used to. I don't think Dan even broke a sweat while shovelling. After packing up the car, we drove up to Fort Collins to visit Dan's sisters and their families. The drive was a slow go in all the snow and wind but we made it safely. We stayed at the in-laws' house until Monday morning when we returned to Denver and flew home:-)

Miss A.

The in-laws open presents on Christmas Eve, which was different for me. The cousins opened their stockings on Christmas morning and even made a stocking for Russell to open:-)

Dan's parents holding Camille. They had driven up from Tucson for a few days. It was their first time meeting Camille.

We really had a nice Christmas week. For a few days it was only 18F which is frigid for a gal like me who loves beaches and warm weather. The wind was something I've never experienced before. Whew. We landed back in the Bay with a balmy 56F day:-) Ah. There is no place like home!

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E said...

Aww, sounds like you had a good Christmas!!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Welcome home! All that snow makes me happy that we didn't have to travel this year. :) I'm glad you had a great Christmas week!

bem.carol said...

I love your blog, Hillary and Dan and also thank you again tremendously for the pictures! It was great that you were able to have your Mom visit on your birthday, Hillary - you two really look alike, and I love the 3 generation pix. Have a wonderful 2010!