Monday, February 08, 2010

Visit to Vancouver Island

We try and spend Russell's birthday on the Island if it is our 'off' year for Christmas in B.C., so I packed the kids up and we flew up to Victoria on the 31st for seven days.

My surviving grandparent is my Grandmother and it was really sweet to see her hold Camille. I didn't get a 'four generation' photo of Camille, me, my Dad, and Grandmother, which I regret. My grandmother is 97 years old and time is borrowed.

We celebrated Russell's fourth birthday in style! My dad rented a clown costume and Russell kept eyeing my dad's gig. Lots of fun!

One morning, my Mom and I and the kids went down to Cowichan Bay for a nice walk. It was quite cool so we didn't stay long. Russell found the bakery with no problem:-)
Sisters:-) Candice and myself.

My mom and her granddaughter. It was so nice to have a helping hand with Camille. Baby Girl is social and doesn't like to be put to nap if she can otherwise be engaged.

For a special lunch, my Dad and I went out to A&W. This may not seem like a treat but since we rarely eat fast food, it was:-) Most of the A&W's here in the Bay area are now tacoria's or car washes:-( Nothing like yummy onion rings and root beer served in a frozen glass.

I love Camille's 'bunny suit' and sadly she is growing out of it. The poor kid keeps getting wedged into it every time we leave the house but that's okay for now;-) The stewardess wanted to hold Camille and I appreciated the help. She was really sweet to Russell as well and gave him a package of wax-like straws to mold during the flight.

We arrived home on Saturday and relaxed all day Sunday. Russell was so glad to see his toys and hasn't wanted to be entertained by us since!


Cass said...

I'm so glad you got home and had some fun fam time!!

And I SO love that bakery down in Cow Bay ... amazing, isn't it?

Aly sun said...

You traveled with 2 by yourself! AMAZING. Simply AMAZING. I'm glad you trip was good. Camille is so darling. I'm sure she made lots of friends in that bunny suit.

Anonymous said...

It was really great to have a visit with you and your sweet children, Hillary! Thanks for taking the time...

Stacey said...

Great pics, Hillary! I love the one of your grandmother with your daughter. I know you will cherish that one forever! Beautiful.

Choco Girl said...

I can't believe how much Russell has grown! Oh my gosh and I love Camille's cherry cheeks..wish I could kiss them. And that was such a precious pic of your grandmother and Camille! Thank you for sharing!