Thursday, June 10, 2010

Andrea & Kris' Wedding

We arrived on Wednesday, with a few days to spend with the family before the wedding. On Friday, we set up for the wedding (my sisters helped with the reception location) and had the rehersal in the early evening, followed by a Chinese-food dinner at Kris' parents house. Saturday morning, we all dressed for the wedding at 1pm. After the ceremony, the family pictures were taken and we left to take the kids back to our host home for naps. The reception was at 6pm and we stayed until 9pm with the kiddos. The bride and groom were so happy and relaxed and it showed:-)

We took 28lbs of Jelly Bellies (the 'belly flops') with us to Edmonton. We packed one very full suitcase and used our car-seat bag to store the candy and other over-sized/bulky items. Thankfully, we only had to check one bag on the way home since all the bulky items were left in Edmonton:-) Yes, ALL the candy was needed!

Very cute picture of my sister Candice and Camille (two C's!) at the rehersal dinner. It is about 9:30pm in this picture. I LOVE the long/bright evenings in the North during the summer!!

The second bowl of ice-cream & sprinkles. This kid can consume the sugar! It was a special weekend so I didn't mind;-)

Awww. Saturday morning and the blushing bride. Why do churches insist on using the play-room for the bridal parties? Hmm. Andrea used my vail:-) Very sweet.

The kiss...

"Man and wife!"

My brother Chad flew in late on Friday evening and we left first thing on Sunday, so we didn't get to spend much time together. (Yes, that is an iPod which is a wonderful tool to keep a 4-yr-old quiet for a 45-minute ceremony!)

My men...

Two beautiful ladies...

No, he didn't touch it. Yes, he did want to!


We had a smooth flight home and only Camille caught a cold due to the airplane air. One out of four isn't bad:-) Russell loved taking pictures at the airport and he decided he needed one of himself... (upside down, of course).

I love this kid!

Andrea and Kris are spending three weeks in the Dominacan Republic. Andrea still had one more year until she graduates with her undergrad degree and Kris is starting the three year process of getting his real-estate certificates. He has to jump through more hoops since he's not 25yrs old yet. They have a basement suite that Kris is renovating for their home. It will be wonderful to see their marriage blossom as the years pass:-)

Congrats, Andrea & Kris. Can't wait to see you at Christmas!


C. Beth said...

What sweet pictures!

I love Camille's little lacy jacket.

The upside-down photo makes me dizzy. :)

GORGEOUS wedding dress!!

Birdie said...

Camille is adorable!!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Looks like a wonderful event!! I love weddings so much! And lots of beautiful pictures! Glad it seems like everyone had a great time!

Photogrl said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful time!

LOVE the pictures...Camille and Russell are getting so big!

Cass said...

So great to see all the family!
And I didn't see Chad in your FB photos so I was wondering if he'd pop up!

(Cute dress, little Miss C!)