Monday, January 03, 2011

A 2010 Christmas

After my miserable week of poor health, the kids succombed to croup- and an ER visit each. By the time December 24th rolled around, they were in recovery mode and Dan was getting sick. We decided to fly up to Victoria, BC, anyway, and we enjoyed celebrating Christmas with my immediate (and extended) family...
The best family photo we could muster.

"Mom, I know you have chocolate in your mouth.."

 The two son's-in-law. Wonderful men.

 Little Sis and Grandma.

Little Sis and Nana (great-Grandma, 98 yrs old)

 My Dad treated us to a New Year's Eve dinner at the local Chinese restaurant. Very tasty. Russell loved the dessert table;-)

We flew back home on Sunday, January 2nd. After grocery shopping today, three loads of laundry, putting away the Christmas decorations, and killing 1001 ants, we are ready to start a new year.
Best of wishes for you all in 2011. May each tear bring joy and each challenge bring blessings.


Aly sun said...

You can't beat family. Glad you were able to make the trip. You needed a break. Great family picture. These are things memories are made of. :)

April said...

I love the pictures! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

Just for fun: I sometimes think the word verifications are funny. Today's word is - lamshn (sounds kind of like "Lamb Shin" huh? ha ha ha...I'm being silly

I love you Hill!