Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last month...

 Dan's birthday was the 17th but we celebrated in the weekend... with eight adults and ten kids under the age of five. Roasted-garlic mashed potatoes, BBQ'd chicken, baked beans, and carrot cake for dessert. Yum!

 Memorial Day weekend (the 29/30th) we went up to Sacramento to visit Dan's cousins and their kids. Camille felt right at home with the 'big' girls (ages 4 & 2).

 My first strawberry that dared to try and rippen despite the cool weather... only to succomb to the neighbor's squirrels (he feeds the mangy animals.. grr). I now have netting covering the plants. The kids love to watch the plants grow and change.

 Morning snuggles on the couch. Russell sets up his 'bed' and Camille promptly crawls up and plops herself in the middle. She will really miss him when he's off to kindergartan in August:-(

Yummy, fresh strawberries from the local vendor (day laborer) who stops by every three weeks or so. The berries are local and haven't spent anytime under grow-lights or in store coolers. Just right to my door- and children's bellies. I love this!

Hopefully, I'll get some more pictures up for June as the month progresses. It's been quiet and somewhat lonely around here. The kids keep me busy but they don't fill the space of 'friendship' that I yearn for. I suppose I'm struggling with the fact of busyness in other's lives... Community is so difficult to grow and yet so easy to let die.

Russell and Dan have their first (of three) camping trips later this week. It will be me and Little Sis for 48hrs... just enough time for lots of book reading and playing with her on her level. Good times!!


Melissa said...

She's sure growing to be more and more cute. I'm glad you're in your own house now and making it ur own (gardens). Close vicinity friendships will arise in time. Can't wait to see ur place next year (God willing)

April said...

How fun! I hope that you and Camille had/have fun. I remember "dates" with my mom. Those are memorable times. Those fresh strawberries, hmm look so good!
If I must say it, cause I'm guilty of it, busyness is the death of community. God help us. It is my hope that good girlfriends come into your life. I was just thinking how much I'm going to need that when I marry into the Navy. I remember how shocked I was when you reached out to me in friendship and HOW MUCH I appreciated you reaching out to me. Thank you Hillary for your love and friendship. I'm blessed by you.

C. Beth said...

It's so hard when we don't have that intimacy we long for--I was in a very long season without it until fairly recently. I'm praying that God provides the friends you need.

The strawberries look delicious. :)