Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A sign of hope

The last few months of attempted gardening have ended, well... not so well. The tomato seeds I planted drowned in the rains of the spring and the strawberry plants had their green berries and leaves (!!) eaten by the neighbor's squirrel population. I did manage to get a net put up so we did get a few berries but what the squirrels didn't eat, mostly rotted in the soil- oops. My bad.

At the same time that I bought the strawberry plants, I also bought two small tomato plants. I planted them in my sunniest location and let them be with exception of random waterings (it was a wet spring). I actually took notice of them about a month ago when they suddenly seemed to kick into high gear and green tomatoes started to grow. Russell is holding our first, fully rippened fruit. We had it in our salad tonight and it was sweet and tangy. So long, Safeway tomatoes!

I think I'll plant more tomato plants next spring but one tomato doesn't prove I have a green thumb. The squirrels have eaten some of the tomato leaves but hopefully the net will discourage any other attempts. I'll try harder with the strawberries next spring but overall, I'll stick with hardy plants that can handle the summer heat and don't die- at least, too easily!


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Congratulations on the tomatoes! When I was a kid, we had some green beans in our garden, and I think they were pretty self-sustaining. I'm not sure if animals would go after them, but we always had more green beans than we needed. Might try those!

R looks so proud! Good job!

April said...

Mmmm, tomatoes! Good job Hillary!