Monday, October 31, 2011

October Wrap-Up

Like a typical month, October's calendar started out quite empty and quiet, only to finish at full speed. We celebrated friends' children's birthdays early in the month, then celebrated our own little 2-yr-old on the 22nd...

 Red velvet cupcakes for the children and lemon-gingersnap cheesecake for the adults. Delicious as ever!!

 Yes, Camille was anxious to blow out her own two candles, and she succeeded!

 In her words, "Cake. Yummy. Good!"

 The teaset we bought for her. She's loved it ever since:-)

 The next day was Sunday, and once the children had rested in the afternoon, we drove over to Natural Bridges State Beach for some weekend sand time. The monarc butterflies are actually migrating through the area currently as well, but the kiddos didn't have the patience for walking amongst the milkweed. Perhaps next year.

Finally, Halloween! My Captain Hook (minus the eye patch and hook- I don't understand him sometimes!) at the school parade...

 ... and Tinker Bell...

So, another month has come and gone. It will be November tomorrow. Again, the calendar is calm and quiet and I'll just enjoy that for now. American Thanksgiving, here we come!!


Aly sun said...

Good to see the update. Camille is growing up so fast. That tinker costume is just adorable! Love it.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Time sure flies!! You're looking great, mama! I hope you're feeling all right. I know that the third kiddo is eager to join in all the fun!

C. Beth said...

2 years!! And you look beautiful!

Cass said...

75 days to go for you!!! :)
and I love the photo of you and the kids, Hillary, plus the belly! Happy Mumma, happy life.

April said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing! Oh my gosh! I almost got a lump in my throat. Cute kiddos!

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