Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Day at a City Farm

Russell's kinder class had the last of their three field trips for the year this past Thursday. They went to Prusch Farms in San Jose. In the past, I'm sure the farm was massive with several hundred acres but now it's probably no more than ten acres, situated under a major freeway interchange. (Welcome to California living!) The farm has the requisite animals; chickens and roosters, pot-belly pigs, ducks and geese, rabbits, a few head of cows, and one massive turkey- who is quite smart and lives on top of the rabbit coop where hundreds of children's hands can not reach him. 

The day we went there were a lot of schools there, ours having 100 kinder's alone. It was important to Russell that we joined him on his special day as I have not been able to help out in his class as other parents have, just due to the fact of Camille and Elliott being a distraction (at best). Russell gave us a smile at first but mostly just ignored us;-) He said later he was glad we came, so that's all that matters.

 The best picture of all: Russell and his three classmates joined with Camille and another preschool aged friend from down the street. Happy times!! Three weeks left of school, then summer break, then first grade!

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