Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Autumn in a glance

Summer has long ago wrapped up but this Canadian-Cali-girl hangs on as long as possible. That means enjoying garden tomatoes long past Labor Day and "hooky" beach days in October, when school just doesn't seem as important. Dan and I and the kids met my parents at Lassen National Park in mid-September for some 'camping' (i.e. air conditioned cabin with a kitchenette).

 Definitely a must-return in the years to come. So much to explore... and so few people to shoulder around. It was only a 5 hour drive from home as well!

 This September marked ten years of marriage. My parents took care of Russell and Camille for the two nights while we had Elliott with us. Another ten years, we'll have a house full of teens- which I don't think Dan will mind so much;-)

 October was Camille's month of birthday celebration. "Toy Story" is the best thing in her mind, and the fact that Buzz can fly just makes her dream of the day that she can. We celebrated with neighborhood friends and  Lemon Cake.

 A last splash in the pool before the chill of Fall finally set in for good. Elliott LOVES water, sand, and dirt. He is the only one of my children that embraced sand in infancy instead of screaming. A few handfuls in the mouth, and he was off scooting and chasing the seagulls with all the effort he could afford.

A few more pictures remain on my cell phone. Memories pop up despite the lack of a real camera in tow. These days are very long (often) but photographs prove that the years are too short. May we as parents cherish the youth our children hold because all too soon they'll be grown.


C. Beth said...

Jason grew up in Susanville (in Lassen County!)

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

It's great to see some pics of your awesome family! Miss you so much!

April said...

Wow!! Ten years! So blessed! And cute children too ;)

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