Saturday, January 04, 2014

New year, old challenges

No resolutions this year... too high of standards to live up to;-)

As we look ahead as a family, we will continue to work on the challenges of last year, with hopes that we all will be a little more learned by next new year's day...

- continued lessons in patience, self-control, patience, and more patience
- potty train Elliott... possibly before Baby4 arrives in May??!! Last time was very difficult, with newly nursing baby Elliott and older, more stubborn sister Camille
- general daily training of our children. Not easy, not inspirational, but just so very necessary every (!!) day of their lives

... and maybe even take a break once in a while:-)

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Hallie Schumaker said...

Dear Dan and Hillary,

I was just checking back in to see if you had given any thought to doing a product critique. We have some beautiful photo engraved keepsake and what better way to celebrate your beautiful family. Please let me know your thoughts!

Best regards,
Hallie Schumaker