Friday, September 16, 2005

Canadian National Post article

I know neither the American nor the Canadian judicial system is flawless but there is something to be said about the American system... can you imagine only having one man's decision to appoint a judge for life? With a weakling like Paul Martin in power there is no hope for Canadian government. He didn't even stand up against gay marriage.

(Friday, Sept. 16/o5) "For weeks now, every word that Judge Roberts ever wrote, every memo, judgment and legal opinion was dissected by pundits and lobby groups. And now the unflappable judge is facing cross-examination by legislators on a range of issues that run the gamut from Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Papers to abortion, the death penalty, civil rights, the right to die and whether Congress could vote to end the war in Iraq, given the President's constitutional role as commander in chief.

As a Canadian, one can only watch this drama unfold in wonderment, frustration and the stark embarrassment of how we appoint our Supreme Court justices north of the border. In place of all this scrutiny, we ultimately get our judges at the sole discretion of Paul Martin -- the same prime minister who continues to flout his anti-cronyism commitment by appointing friends and associates to our flabby, pointless Senate -- with virtually no input or meaningful consultation."

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