Sunday, September 04, 2005

Meeting Hurricane Katrina Victims

Last night (Saturday, Sept. 3), my friend April and I were in the Denver airport returning from our trip to NYC/state (pics to come). It was late and the terminal was quiet with exception to the plane which had recently arrived. Most passengers had disembarked when a group of 12-14 people came by and stood near us. Their clothes were clean but mismatched and their 'accent' was so thick it hardly resembled the English language. Yes, these were the lucky ones, the survivors, of Katrina. The teen boys had sunburnt shoulders and one woman clung to her husband for comfort. The airline service representative led the group since none had even been on a plane before and most looked confused. Another man from an unknown goodwill agency assisted him.

It wasn't the language and clothes so much that attracted our attention... it was the attitutudes of the citizens. One attitude was hardened, the other was grateful. Two women complained that they had lost their TV and radio to the storm... another couple just clung to each other, glad that their spouse was still alive. Some of the people seemed to be almost offended at the offered help, the rest of the people just accepted it with open hands. Everyone held tightly their 1L bottles of water.

I just wanted to share with you what April and I saw... there may be stories of looting and shooting and confusion but amongst the stories that make the headlines, there are stories of welcomed relief and gratitude and hope for the future.

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