Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good morning;
We'll post some new pictures tonight after Dan shows me (once again) how to connect the camera to the computer. The last thing I want to do is wreck the camera! We are doing well here, living life one day at a time:-) The baby is growing healthy and is about 10 inches in length. Last week, we also found out that my aunt Annette (my mom's sister) is pregnant after a couple miscarriages. She is 41yrs old and her baby is due one month after ours. We are so excited! The baby will be my cousin- my grandmother will have a first great-grandchild and a new grandchild in the same month! Interesting how generations overlap.

Our friends, Katie and Phil Anderson, are visiting this weekend from Chicago. We'll post a picture of them next week. They were married in England last summer. They are moving back to England in December.

Have a blessed day!