Saturday, October 14, 2006

8 1/2 months old- Russell loves his giraffe which he cuddles with while he sleeps. Needless to say, the ears and tail are well chewed:-) Russell loves to play with paper and other non-toy items like Dad's computer wires. He is slowly working on crawling but he doesn't like to exude too much energy since Mom and Dad can carry him where he wants to go. Russell loves to smile and makes Redwood City a happier place when he and his mom run errands to Target, Safeway, and the library!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hillary,

Russell sure is adorable. You're sure blessed to be his mom, and I'm blessed to be his aunt.

Love: Britt

Alysun said...

I know what you mean about Russell making wherever he is a happier place. When we were with you guys, people were stopping in the streets to comments on his sweetness.