Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our neighborhood park

We love our neighborhood park. Russell and I and sometimes Dan take our daily walks here.

If we happen to walk in the mornings, mostly older people are enjoying the time on the track. They are keeping mobile and we even see one older lady doing her yoga- just amazing flexibilty!

If we walk in the afternoons, Russell and I see the field filled with children and teens practicing soccer. The coaches/dads/moms cheer and encourage the teams and I remember that these are the next generation of adults.

If we walk in the early evenings, the park is quiet once again, the sun is setting over the San Andreas hills, and everyone else has gone home. That is when we love the park the most because then it is ours. And we take another lap around!

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Alysun said...

Beautiful! I am looking for a walking partner (the adult type). Want to meet every day at say, 9am. Your place or mine?