Sunday, August 26, 2007

Once we returned home last week from our trip, we checked our mail, and we found a note from our landlords requesting a new lease. The last lease we signed here was from Oct. 1/05-Oct. 1/06 so it has almost been a year without one. The current lease will run from Oct '07-Oct '08.

Dan and I talked it over (of course) and we feel content to commit to another year here. We've visited Colorado, Arizona, and B.C./the NW this year and each time we come home we ask ourselves if we feel led to any of those places. At this point in our lives, we feel not. To those who know how much I love San Diego, when we talked about leaving our home there, we both felt led by God to move- and I still cried all the way from SD to San Francisco. We are trying to trust God and to move when He directs us. After all, it would make sense to move from the only area in the States where real-estate is still increasing in value and not dropping.

Thanks to all who daily uphold us in thought and prayer. We appreciate it greatly.


April said...

I love you all. I'm glad that you are being led by the Lord. Sometimes it's hard to know where He wants us but He is not a God of confusion and it's nice to know this: HE KNOWS =) I love you!

Polly Gamwich said...

(selfishly) I say: Yay!! we get you for another year!! :) Heck, I can be selfish - I'm just starting to get to know you, I need at least another year to get to know you better!

Awesome that you're allowing God to lead you in this! Can you bend His ear a bit and get Him to let you in on where He wants us to live? (ha!)

Seriously, He is SO in control and I can't wait to see what He unfolds in your life in the upcoming year!