Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Our little boy is definitely a California boy- in this picture, he is reinacting the daily pile-up on the 101 interstate. He loves when we drive the 101- he yells at a steady pitch but his voice vibrates at we navigate the potholes and bumps along the way;=) (The 280 is way too smooth for his liking)

The week of extreme heat is here! It has been mid-high 90's during the past few days and we are all feeling it. We are blessed to live near the coast where the cool ocean breezes start after 7/8 pm.

We're taking off for Windsor tomorrow (Friday) for the long weekend. We are mooching (I mean, 'staying') with our friends who have a TrendWest timeshare there. It is a 90 minute drive from our house. We are all looking forward to using the pool!


Kevin, Jennifer & Hana Norman said...

It's 80 where we are and you can't get more coastal this-what insane weather! Russell has the same mailbox walker toy that Hana does. She absolutely loves it and scarily, climbs onto it all the time! Enjoy the long weekend!!

Polly Gamwich said...

Hey, Windsor is my old stomping grounds ... let me know if you need any restaurant recommendations. Have fun, I'm sure it will be beautiful for you!!

Cass said...

Yes, Russell does look a little hot there! So enjoy yourselves...!