Thursday, December 06, 2007

One Size Fits All... or not!

Yeah- what a fun birthday! Dan took Saturday off from work and we enjoyed my birthday as a family. He brought me my cards and gifts when I woke up and then we had breakfast. One of Dan's gifts to me was a much needed apron. He bought a Martha Stewart apron from Macy's:-) On the tag, it says, "One size fits all." When I put it on, the hem almost reached my ankles and the back overlaps at the waist. I wonder who was the model for the pattern since most women are not 6'4". I've since tied up the neck and fold over the waist ties when I wear it. I love it, though, and it is hard to misplace in the house!

The evening of the 1st was Dan's work's Christmas party. We dressed up and went to Palo Alto. I loved every minute of the evening. Our friends, Lisa and Scott, babysat with their son, Jack. The weather was cold and crisp and the parking was free;-) We enjoyed a delicious dinner (Dan had rib-eye steak, I had the salmon) and friendly company (Dan's boss's wife {Diane} and I know each other and we sat together). I was surprised later in the evening when the waiter brought out an individual sized cake for my birthday- complete with a candle. Thankfully, no-one stood a table and/or sang;-) We saved the cake for the next day since dessert had already been served. We didn't think to take our camera with us, and so no pictures exist. Maybe we should get a camera-phone.

Thanks to Lisa for these pictures; our two 'Thomas the Train' boys. As you might notice in both pictures, Russell has snagged Jack's stuffed doggie. They later fought it out;-)

Dan's time at his current job is coming to a close. For privacy reasons, I don't want to write about his new job on this blog, but will send out a e-mail at a later time. He starts January 7th. It would be an ideal time to take a few weeks off and just travel but with Russell and limited funds, reality wins and off to work he goes. Thank-you to all who have prayed for direction concerning Dan's job.

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melissa said...

hey hill
Nice apron! Very stylish! I didn't think Martha Stewart had red in her collections...nice though...I'm sure it works great even though it's all sinched up!
The 2 pics of Russell & his buddy are cute.
I'm sorry but I didn't know Dan was up in the air regarding his job. I hope the transition is smooth and will await your email update.
Take care buds!