Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally- an update!!

On our trip to Victoria last month, Russell was a true trooper. The weather was cold (we forget how cold is cold) and it snowed a little. Russell missed Dan and he was so excited to see him when we returned. My mom came back with us (!!) and her help on the return trip was priceless. We had boarded the plane in Seattle but had to deboard and 1 hour later, reboard another plane, due to engine problems. I am glad the mechanics were doing their jobs but to awaken a sleeping child is NOT fun.

Pictures from our time in B.C.-
Barney!!!!! He loved Aunt Candice's 'white elephant' gift/poster. Don't throw anything out- it could be used in 6-8 years;-)

My Mom make a yummy cake. Check out the 3 minute video for 'live' time.

View this montage created at One True Media
Russell's 2nd birthday in B.C.

One piece of cake + 1/2 a candle= Russell's birthday. He picked up and ate the candle since it was covered with chocolate frosting. Of course, the candle was tasteless so he didn't mind;-)

When we got home, I made a carrot cake with gooey cream-cheese icing. We stuck 'Thomas' trains on top since I have no decorating skills. It went over big! (The other pictures we took this evening were poor due to the inside lighting.)

The weather the last two weeks has been a glorious relief from the rain and wind! We were so glad the weather was nice when Mom was here. We were outside every day. On Friday, we went to Half Moon Bay...

Showing Little R the flowers...

Timeless picture.

The waves were HUGE and the surf was high, so no walks on the beach this time.
I dropped Mom off at the airport on Saturday morning, and when I got back home, Russell was looking for 'Mum-mum'. He really enjoyed Grandma being here for a whole week!!!

I haven't posted in almost a month. I usually post during R's nap times since that is the only time I get to type more than one sentence without being interupted. Lately, I've been reading Jane Austen's Mansfield Park -a definite classic. No speed reading here. The English is a little old (choppy, compared to today's English) and if you 'skim', you'll miss the details. My only reading time is also at R's nap time so I've chosen to read instead of write. (No surprise to those who know me!)

I've been attending a new Bible study group on Tuesday mornings at the church. We've started Beth Moore's study of Daniel. God's Word is truly living and active when I read/study Daniel. Daniel and his three men were disciplined and devoted- true examples of God's own. I am in a group with women I don't know so it has been a good way to 'break out' of my comfort zone and engage in new relationships.

Speaking of other ladies, our church continues to reflect the trend as "the only Western nation to have a rising birth rate." There are lots of preggo mamas and newborns appear each month. This is so wonderful but sometimes (okay, often), it is a reminder of what we're going through. Most days are okay but some days just are very difficult emotionally. Russell is a wonderful little boy but when he throws his tantrums and we have our 'battle days' I wonder if I could even handle more than one. On these days I feel like a failure as a mom. Dan is an awesome husband and partner and is so encouraging and helps me with the discouragment.
In the Beth Moore study, she says that "tests/trials will burn the fake out of you!" Yes. Yes. Yes.


Anonymous said...

Great update - it's great to see the birthday photos! I love the train cake! Russell looks so cute as he's eyeing it! Hillary, thanks for your vulnerability in this are definitely no failure in the mom department - I certainly admire you! Jenn

Polly Gamwich said...

Thanks for the update - I miss you. And you're right - there are quite a few preggos/new borns ... I try to delight in what the Lord is doing ... but it does shine on what we are struggling with, doesn't it?

What great pics - thanks for sharing!

Alysun said...

I remember my post about why in the world would anyone want to have another child when Emma had just turned 2. This age is a very trying time, but God is good and you are capable of so much with his help.
You, your difficult and special toddler, and your future child are in my constant prayers.
Happy Birthday Russell!!!

Tanya said...

Hi Hillary! We made a similar cake for C when he was about Russell's age (although it might have been 3 rather than 2) and he loved it :) Russell looks pretty taken with his too :o) So glad you had a good time up here and with your Mum back's always good to have your Mum around :o)

I completely get what you are talking about and 2 can be such a tricky time for both Mama and child. Hang in there, you will both get through this time and you aren't a failure at all in the Mum area. I always have to remind myself that I'm on a "learn as you go" job and sometimes it is hard to see the big picture :o) Big hugs! xoxoxox