Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To Tucson and back

We left the Bay area on Saturday and flew to Tucson for the long weekend. There are no non-stop flights on any airline (with exception of an early morning United flight) to Tucson, so the supposedly 2hr flight turns into 3-4 hrs. Our Southwest flight touched down in LA to pick up more people and continued onto Tucson. The short stop in LA confused Russell when he saw others getting off and he had to stay on the plane, so he threw a tantrum and cried the rest of the trip. I now warn the person that sits in front of Russell's seat that he will kick the seat and I can only do my best to stop him! Happy travelling! (Alysun, how did you get to Africa with a 2yr-old????!!!!)

Once we got to Arizona, Dan's dad picked us up. We spent Sunday morning at a mini-zoo (2 lions, 1 tiger, 1 turtle, 2 baboons, ducks, 1 polar-bear, 2 giraffes, a couple other little animals). It was a good experiment and proved my theory right: Russell doesn't care for the animals! He much rather enjoyed running up and down the wheelchair ramps and climbing the stairs and playing with the ceramic water-shooting frog. We'll wait a little longer before spending the money on the San Francisco Zoo.
The father in this picture had his two sons with him and both of them were autistic. He was so patient with the boys and they were so well behaved. We kept running into them as we walked thru the zoo.

Lone Mr. Turtle.

Nowhere close to Africa but maybe someday!

Russell and his Grandpa.

After we visited the zoo, we went across the street and Russell played on the play-structures. Supposedly, the Colorado Rockies were practicing (see below) in the adjoining field. The Padres' were in town as well but we didn't see them.

We came home on Tuesday afternoon, very glad to be back.


Polly Gamwich said...

I love the pics and selfishly I'm glad you're home ;-)

Alysun said...

Emma was just over 2 years old when we made the trip to Africa, about 25 hours in the air each way. There were only a few times Emma really lost it. It was embarrassing during those times and the rest of the time was just challenging to try and occupy her. I feel for you!
Great pictures. Thanks for the update.