Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day at the Fire Station

Last weekend, we went with a few of Russell's boy buddies to a local firehouse. The weather was a perfect 80F and a perfect way to entertain growing boys. Russell was adamant about not sitting in the fire engine (there is a distinction between a fire truck and an engine, we learned) but he loved touching the wheels and the lights.

Russell is in between tears in this picture. After the fire engine was turned on and the horn was honked, he was too scared to go near it. In this picture, I am forcing him to sit down with me for at least one picture. Someday, he'll thank me;-)


Melissa said...

Wow sure looks warm down there. We're getting -10 degree nights now and the snow isn't melting...and you're wearing a skirt!! Good for you!

april said...

What a fun time! Poor Russell..he will thank you one day :-)

Photogrl said...

I'd be crying to, if the horn honked while I was near it!

Looked like a great day!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Hey it's Marcia. What great pictures! I love the one with you and Russell in the end. You're right -- he'll thank you later. What a sweet picture!

Thanks for visiting on Friday! We had a great time! Love, Marcia

Hal & Jenn said...

Hey girl! Email me at so I can send you an invite. =) Happy Thanksgiving!

Anne said...


Thanks for coming to weep with me. I am sorry that the main things we share [clearly not political views ;) ] are secondary infertility and unexplained recurrent miscarriage, but I am very glad to "meet" you and wll be wishing you the best.