Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Random Goings On

It's been quiet around here, hense the lack of blog posts. I haven't been very inspired with any blogging ideas so you are stuck with pictures of The Kid. Today, as I was preparing for play-group, I noticed a cat on my back porch (we are not a ground unit so this is unusual). We've been here three years and this was a first. The cat looked friendly, so I allowed Russell to go on the back porch and play with the cat. The cat stayed around for about 45 minutes before it jumped down and off it went.

Russell likes to imitate his companion, Curious George, so he wears his caps, etc. backwards. The glasses are a new addition since he's played with mine since summer. It is really is cute and we get lots of smiles from the older ladies when we're in town. Russell loves to play in the sink with the water and can reach quite a lot when he is standing on his stool.
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Melissa said...

I'm guessing you keep your camera near by or is with you all the time...like a 3rd arm or something like that!

Choco Girl said...

Oh my gosh, I was looking at your birthday blog and when I went to the front page I was pleasantly surprised to see two blogs that I haven't read yet! I will cut and paste and read..but I have to say Russell is soo funny and cute! I love the pictures..

Talk to you later dear Hill.