Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun with Friends

A few days ago, my friend Nadyne brought over her boys, Caleb (3.5yrs) and 3 month old Matthew (above). Matthew is two weeks older than Camille. These babies are only two of the miracles born in the 2009 year. Such wonders!

And yesterday (Saturday) long time and very dear friend Laura (we met in '96 in San Diego as teenagers) came for an overnight visit:-) She was in Vegas for a trade show and decided to return to Nashville via San Francisco.

I've spent many a New Year's Eve with Laura and we've met up with each other in Greyhound stations, Amtrak stations, ferry boat landings and more than a few airports over the years. It's been over 18 months since we've seen each other but our time was sweet. Thanks for taking the time, Laura!!

How important relationships are to each of us. They are the essence of life.


E said...

Awe, that is a big boy!!

Choco Girl said...

I could't agree with that last statement more! I'm grateful for our friendship!