Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Sixth Month Birthday, Little Sis!

Little Sister turned six months old today (Happy Earth Day, too, to those that do all the small things to take care of our beautiful planet!).

Camille recently found her feet and she is often in this position when she is laying down. She rolls over from tummy-to-back, now, and I'm helping her learn to sit up. Russell was sitting up by six months so I figure she can learn, too:-) The back of her head still has a bald spot from sleeping so it would be nice for her to sit up when she can. Last Thursday, one little tooth started poking through her bottom gums. Time for Tylenol and

Her six-month stats are: 15 lb 5 oz, 25" in length, and 50% percentile.

She loves to be held. I'm sure she'd be thrilled if I put her in the Bjorn and carried her all day.

Camille isn't the big eater that Russell was at six months. She'll eat two pear ice-cubes for breakfast and one yam ice-cube for supper. No more than that for now.
We celebrated today with Martha Stewart's "Glazed chocolate cake." Shall I say INCREDIBLE? Yum. We sang to Camille and she reached out to receive the cake/plate. I know when she's my daughter when she envies chocolate (I did give her a lick of icing).

She is enamored with Russell. Every day, every moment. He can make her laugh more than anybody.

Happy half-birthday, Baby Girl. You are the light of our lives.

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anne said...

I love it. She is a beauty! happy bday, Camille!

Aly sun said...

6 months is a huge mile stone. Camille sure is cute. I hope to meet her soon. Rem only outweighs her by 3 pounds. He is still learning to sit up, has a bald spot, is getting one tooth, and thinks his older siblings are great too. They are destined to be fast friends, Rem and Camille.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Ah, how adorable! Kai had his 4 month appointment yesterday and he weighs 15 lbs, 12 oz. Wow! That was 75% for boys. I guess I'm just going to have big kids -- although Will was always in the 90% for weight when he was an infant. Hey, they're healthy! That's all I ask for.

Congrats on the 1/2 birthday little miracle girl! What a sweet family you have, Hill!

Birdie said...

How sweet! She's so adorable!! I love how she holds her little feet. :)

Renee said...

wow. 6 mo already.

adorable. What is it with little girls and their big brothers.

Hannah just adores Bug as well.

I like the six month cake idea. Maybe I will start making one for every month as an excellent excuse to have cake. But really do I need an excuse to have chocolate cake. NOPE

Photogrl said...

Happy half birthday, Camille!

Six months is such a fun age. She's SO cute!

LuckyOnce said...

Yay for 6 months! Such a beautiful baby girl. :)

C. Beth said...

So sweet! Awesome that she's already 6 months old. You are blessed.

Off to check out that recipe.... :)

Cass said...

These photos were so great to see!

Happy Half Birthday indeed, Miss Camille! You are gorgeous!!

Kevin, Jennifer, Hana & Alaina said...

Glad we are not the only ones that celebrate 1/2 birthdays - soo much love for Camille! Now that I am (still, but by choice!) not working, is there time for a playdate?!

april said...

Precious, precious, precious!