Friday, April 02, 2010

It's April 2nd today. Where is time going? Two months until my youngest sister's wedding. I remember seeing her swaddled in the hospital bassinet when she was only a day old... but that's been over 20 years now. I think the last time I was in Edmonton was 1993? I am thankful we were able to book a direct flight (3 hrs) to Edmonton from San Francisco. God bless Air Canada.

Russell continues with swim classes. He's doing well (i.e. no crying, he obeys his teacher, and looks forward to each week's class). We went to Stanford's campus last weekend for an hour while Dan went into work to fix something, and while we waited, we watched the lane swimmers at the pool (all the pools are outdoors). Russell was so excited and asked if he could swim at that pool:-) I told him if he kept up his classes with Teacher Diana that someday he might. It was sweet to see him so enthused.

We don't really have plans for Easter this year. Dan doesn't have either Friday or Monday off (boo). We'll give Russell his Easter basket on Saturday morning since Sunday morning Dan will be out the door early to help at church and the kids and I will leave soon after. I bought all the ingredients to make hot-cross buns and a broccoli/white-cheddar side dish. Throw in some chicken, and we'll do dinner on Sunday night.

I got my capris and my new denim skirt in the mail last week. I love each item and they fit nicely. Ahh. The little things that make such a huge difference in life. I had ordered a dress as well but I returned that and instead, found a Jones New York dress at my thrift store for $8. I love the dress and the price. I think the dry-cleaning will cost more;-)

Happy Spring to you all. Now, for some warm weather??


C. Beth said...

Hooray for thrift store deals! And weddings, and swimming.... :) Sounds like things are going great in your household.

Choco Girl said...

Mmmm, hot cross buns.. sounds so good especially with brocolli and cheese. Yum!

Aly sun said...

Love your updates. Glad your clothes fit. Yes, it makes a huge difference. Also glad R has conquered his fear/dislike of the pool. You'll have a fun summer by the pool (as you try to keep C from crawling in).