Friday, August 27, 2010

One more reason I love

We've had an HP inkject printer that we purchased soon after we got married- the fall of 2002. About two months ago, Dan started encouraging me to get a new printer as soon as the cartridges had emptied. I veto'ed his idea since the printer was just purring along. Soon, the cartridges had emptied and I purchased a double pack of black HP ink from

Then, NO kidding- I installed the cartridges and the printer jammed up about five days later. Upon Dan's Google research, it was a known problem and a documented flaw with the inkjet model. I called HP (okay, India...) and was told that our 'lifetime' warrenty had ended six months previous. The best HP could do was to offer me a $50 deduction on one of two models they offered me- neither of which I wanted. I didn't really care about the price of the printer since it was less than $100 originally but I was upset about the $55 worth of ink I was out.

Dan called and they told us to return the two cartridges- one opened and used, the other still packaged... who does that? Then today, I find a refund in my account for $45 for the ink.

Yes, I love

PS- we did purchase another HP printer because if I can get another eight years out of their product, that's a good deal:-)


Aly sun said...

That's great! Amazon should love this post title better than Comcast's "I hate comcast" title. :) Good customer service pays. I'm also very happy with every purchase I make on Amazon. I'm sure they are waiting for the day I actually purchase everything in my cart.... thousands of $$ worth. :)

Kevin, Jennifer, Hana & Alaina said...

I just made my first return at amazon and it was seamless. I accidentally ordered two rather than one box of diapers (and crossing my fingers that one box will be all I need for the rest of A's life!). I did the return online and UPS came and picked the box up the next day, no charge. I love Amazon!!