Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family of 5

This picture above is our only (therefore, first!) family picture we have of the five of us. Perhaps by Christmas, we'll have another but for now, this is my cherished photo:-) We went out to dinner on Saturday night for a pre-Mother's Day meal instead of fighting the crowds on Sunday. The older two children did fine but Dan ended up pacing around with Elliott for a good part of the time- he likes to keep moving! Sunday was a relaxing day with another empowering sermon from one of our pastors. Although I dearly miss our old church, our new church home has had a spiritual banquet of lessons for us to learn.

 Russell now knows that we will let him order whatever he wants when we go to a restaurant (his palate is limited, so I know it won't be steak for a few more years!) and he was heartbroken that he couldn't order the chocolate chip pancakes (he's learning to read, hence reading menus as well) but we insisted that he order something else since it was 6pm by this time- and we'd be back another weekend for the pancakes.
Dining with Littles isn't easy since we don't want other couples' dining experiences to be miserable but Camille did great... and in a few year, Elliott will as well. Until then, we'll keep McD's on our 'restaurant' list;-)


Cass said...

Good for you on the family photo ... Felix is almost 6 months old and we still don't have one of all 5 of us together, good grief!

Dan & Hillary said...

We snagged another guest in the parking lot to take our picture- a little desperate, I suppose! Time just passes so quickly with Littles and the camera gets forgotten. GL with your family photo!

C. Beth said...

It can be frustrating going to "real" restaurants with little ones but I'm glad you got to go. Happy Mother's Day!

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