Friday, June 15, 2007

Colorado Trip

Dan's family: us, Jon & (sister) Carolyn (hat, red shirt), (sister) Bev & Kurt & kids (12, 10, 8), and his parents. Bev & Kurt hosted a family BBQ on Friday night. It has been the first time we've all been together since Carolyn's wedding in 2004!

On Saturday, we drove with Kurt & Bev up north. Their property is about 5 miles from the Wyoming border. The lot is 35 acres and is beautiful. It is easy to imagine the 'olden days' when one is in that environment. In fact, Chimney Rock is nearby and it was once a marker for the 'Pony Express' of yesteryear.

Camp Kniegge. The trailer is 30 years old but provides a small kitchen and a dry roof in case of rain. We slept in the trailer and the Kniegge family braved the cold night air outside. Russell ended up sleeping with me in my sleeping bag since it got so cold at night and he was shivering.

The future outhouse. The earth was so hard, Dan and Kurt returned later in the week with equipment to dig a larger/deeper hole. In the meantime, Russell loved to climb in/out of it!

Lunch time!
Cousins together:-)
Krystal and Russell hangin' out...

At first, Russell didn't know what a lollipop was, but once he sucked on it, he wouldn't let it go until it was finished.

Pool time!


Cass said...

Oh...looks like you're having such a good time!! And it looks like you've got some sun on your face too, Hillary!!

Laura said...

I can't believe how big the Kniegge kids are! They seemed so young at your wedding! How wonderful for you all to be together.

Alysun said...

Yes, Hillary. Looks like you found some sun. I am jealous. It is a pretty cold June in OR.
The pictures are great! Now you can put "flying cross country" and "camping" on Russells list. What is next?