Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It has been quiet here, so no new pictures to post. Russell and I have been on a few playdates with our other mom/baby friends. Dan is either working or sleeping or relaxing.

Russell is getting quite insistant lately, when he wants something- like going to the park. He'll grab his shoes from the shoe box at the front door and bring them to me so I'll put them on his feet. Then, he'll march over to his stroller and tug at it. The sound of jingling car keys is also his sign to grab his shoes.

Russell is also recognizing words and we have to spell them if we don't want him to know:


He doesn't say too much but we understand his sounds for: 'mom, dad, oh wow, oh no, Noah, dog, and duck'.

That is all for now in the Russell-Report!

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